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The city of Cologne, is characterized by a special charm, triggered by the cosmopolitan and cultural openness of the city and its people. Cologne is an open, lively city with countless restaurants, cafes, and night clubs offering all kind of genres, which are spread throughout the 86 Veedels.

The openness as well as the tolerance and acceptance can also be found when enjoying Cologne’s nightlife. Cologne offers its residents and visitors a unique electronic music scene.

PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH Agency brings together different people united by the enthusiasm and shared passion for electronic music. PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH is an agency including artist management, event management and label management. We bring music and events to those who appreciate the culture and atmosphere of electronic music. PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH aims to bring the crowd to another dimension of perception. Our event concepts feature a musical journey from the beginning to the end.

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Avant is a DJ and producer based in Cologne. As an experienced and talented DJ, he put himself on Cologne’s underground scene map. Avant is a determined person, a realist who is always striving for perfection. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside: After having proven his power, straightness and appealing coolness, he suddenly reveals creedal passion, sensitivity and intimacy. His strong personality as well as his charismatic stage presence combined with a passion for distinctive melodic techno result in sounds, that invite the listener to surrender completely and immerse in a world of thoughtlessness.

In addition to his musical education and many years of experience, he found his own place in the electronic scene with a wide and relevant network and a precise understanding of all facets of production. Role models such as Adriatique, Denis Horvat and Stephan Bodzin have a lasting influence on the sound of Avant. Pure narcotic bass lines, dynamic rhythms and captivating harmonies create lasting and intense memories for the listener. All of this perfectly describes the unique sound of Avant – his own definition of "the electronic sound of Cologne".

Gewölbe | Heinz Gaul

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Solique is a DJ and producer duo well-known for their percussive and melodic techno. The relationship between Julien and Can enables a collective creativity. Even though both are partners, friends and roommates, who share the passion for electronic music, the joint playing and producing connects Julien and Can more than their long lasting friendship ever could. Solique performs like a rare feeling of a direct, mutual connection with meditative and assertive affairs that challenge the listener with unexpected, but intuitive turns and interrupting grooves.

The Austrian and Swede have been playing as a duo for 4 years. As teenagers, both listened to Hip Hop which was very helpful feature for their career as electronic music producers, because it characterized their percussive and rhythmic style. Moreover, Julien is an experienced sound designer and worked for a long time in the Bootshaus Cologne, where he continuously experienced the full load of techno and fell in love with it.

Sources of inspiration are Denis Horvat, Fideles, Dixon, Adriatique. All these influences along with their shared time in Australia shaped the sound of Solique to what it is today: percussive, melodic deep house as well as melodic techno oriented to tribal sounds.

Labels: MoBlack

Nightclubs: Gewölbe | Heinz Gaul

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Mysterious man behind the DJ desk - mentally full of music: It’s vintash. DJ and producer based in Cologne. Vintash is a musician through and through. He was born into a very musical family, studied sound design and is a gifted artist. Before he settled in Cologne, vintash lived in Vienna for many years where he discovered the very individual Viennese techno scene as part of a DJ collective. Like a reflection of his personality, his musical style is also very polarizing: deep, melodic sounds with strong emotions alternate with hard and very percussive techno in a positive way. Vintash’s productions are floating and hypnotic stories with a very deep and memorable sense for melodies that stick in mind.

Vintash has always had a passion for collecting music. He loves the different facets and styles and then brings this expertise to his tracks. His individual sound is inspired by tech house, dark melodic progressive techno, ethereal techno and inspirational sources such as: Dizharmonia, Oliver Winters and Township Rebellion. All his experience, his time in Vienna and his nature, create an artist who always picks up his listeners. Vintash is the embodiment of authenticity. No fake. All real.

Gewölbe | Heinz Gaul

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The Dates

  • 18012020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 08022020 — ZUM SCHEUEN REH — CGN
  • 21032020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 25042020 — ZUM SCHEUEN REH — CGN
  • 16052020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 13062020 — ZUM SCHEUEN REH — CGN
  • 25072020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 19092020 — ZUM SCHEUEN REH — CGN